"It is never the wrong time to do the right thing.
Follow the path of Integrity"


The Absolute Best Welcomes You


You have made the decision to dramatically enhance your family's life through Tae Kwon Do ( The way of the hand and foot)! This is a structured program that will allow gradual and thorough improvement through out the belt levels.

Want to get in shape, have fun, and learn self-defense? At Kim's Karate we have 18 years of experience offering a variety of martial arts classes for all ages and skill levels.

All classes are taught by state-certified instructors at affordable rates.

Classes emphasize discipline, coordination, and development of physical strength while developing character and integrity...

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Martial Arts Studio
Karate • Judo • Tae Kwon Do


New Location

Cedar Brook Plaza (Bally's Lot)
1000 Easton Road Store 208-B

Wyncote, PA 19095
Phone: (215) 549-0100

Advantages of Martial arts:

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